Daily Crypto News- Government To Legalize Cryptocurrency Payments In Ukraine



Daily Crypto News- Government To Legalize Cryptocurrency Payments In Ukraine

Daily Crypto News- Government To Legalize Cryptocurrency Payments In Ukraine

Crypto space weighs in on proposed amendments to US infrastructure deal

Some are urging U.S.-based crypto users to contact their representatives in support of the amendment from Wyden, Lummis, and Toomey. With more than one amendment proposed to the United States infrastructure plan that would modify a provision on cryptocurrencies, some figures in the space are going against the one with White House support.

Bitcoin price blasts through $43K, hitting its highest price since May

Bitcoin’s breakout above $43,000 puts the price at a multi-month high and possibly reignites the bull market that traders have been anxiously awaiting. Bitcoin’s (BTC) price rallied to a multi-month high at $43,231 on August 6 and this allowed the digital asset to break free of the trading range it had been stuck in since May. 

Wallet recovery service helps man regain access to 10 million DOGE

This retired truck driver was locked out of 10 million Dogecoin(DOGE) worth $3 million. Then, a wallet recovery service came to the rescue and reunited him with a fortune. A wallet recovery service says it has achieved the impossible — opening up a six-year-old wallet that contained 10 million DOGE.

Government To Legalize Cryptocurrency Payments In Ukraine

The annual spring rains have brought plentiful changes in the Ukraine region this year. According to sources, the proposed cryptocurrency bill is being ready for its second reading in the Ukraine Parliament. Government to Legalize cryptocurrency payments In Ukraine. And there’s a very high probability that the Ukrainian Govt may give a green flag to cryptocurrency payments and Central Bank Digital Currency popularly called ‘Hryvnia’ in the country very soon.

Ethereum Futures look good

The Ethereum(ETH) spot market registered some high-volume trading over the last couple of days. What’s more, the Futures market is following a similar pattern too. In fact, Futures trading hit a monthly peak on 5 August. At this point, it would seem that Ethereum Futures might indicate where the market will go next.
Cashaa Goes Around The RBI To Allow Cryptocurrency Loans

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