Biggest Blockchain and AR Art Experience Developed in Canada With Kusama’s Help



Biggest Blockchain and AR Art Experience Developed in Canada With Kusama’s Help

Biggest Blockchain and AR Art Experience Developed in Canada With Kusama’s Help

Jessica Angel, a Colombian artist, has been at the forefront of creating the largest blockchain-based augmented reality art installation in Vancouver, Canada. Called Voxel Bridge, it was supported by the Kusama Network and installed by Spheroid Universe.

Kusama Helps in Creating Blockchain-Based AR Experience

According to a press release shared with CryptoPotato, the under side of the south end of Vancouver’s Cambie Bridge has become the hub for innovative public art forums. Jessica Angel has turned the space into a 19,000 square feet installation that allows people to experience art in three different forms.

Voxel Bridge “exists simultaneously in three worlds,” explained the statement. Apart from a typical real-world gallery under the Cambie Bridge, visitors can benefit from an Augmented Reality experience through a free application and “in live” on the blockchain.

The first part delivers a “groundbreaking audience experience using the latest advancements in Augmented Reality technology.” Twenty different interactive animations will connect visitors with the world of blockchain and the Kusama Network in particular. They will have the chance to learn about Kusama with AR and to learn about its history – known as the “canary experimental network.”

Angel has used live blockchain data as a creative tool to develop a direct real-time projection on the blockchain. Thus, she has taken “this abstract technical concept” and turned it into a visualization so that “people can see it live through the artwork.”

The Role of Blockchain and Kusama

This innovative art installation has become possible through the combined forces of two of the most revolutionary technology developments in recent years – AR and DLT. The AR part of the multi-sensory adventure, as the PR classified it, was created by Spheroid Universe, while the Kusama Network is responsible for the blockchain side.

It’s worth noting that Voxel Bridge is the world’s first art installation to work on DLT, as explained by Barrie Mowatt, President and Artistic Director of the Vancouver Biennale. Mowatt also added that the organization aims to close the gap between traditional public spaces and virtual reality, which is where AR and blockchain have stepped up.

“The Vancouver Biennale is all about using art as a catalyst to learning, so if you don’t really have a clue about the latest tech buzzwords like blockchain, cryptocurrency, augmented or virtual realities, this art installation provides a really accessible and visually mesmerizing way to learn.”