MEHH Lunches Payment Solution To Simplify Digital Cryptocurrency Payments



MEHH Lunches Payment Solution To Simplify Digital Cryptocurrency Payments

MEHH Lunches Payment Solution To Simplify Digital Cryptocurrency Payments

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2021 has been the year for cryptocurrency with making attention-grabbing headlines in the news, with companies like MEHH supporting payment with cryptocurrency is just a beginning.

While making payments through crypto is becoming increasingly mainstream. The ability to spend cryptocurrency around the world is limited. However, Mehh will be the first crypto company to launch a platform that allows users to pay in crypto without worrying about swapping or converting crypto.

Current Crypto Payment Challenges

There are over 4,000 different cryptocurrencies on the internet. Whereas the number of crypto transactions is beyond imaginable, it also raises questions about how traders can buy, sell, or store a variety of crypto in one platform. Finding a trustworthy provider, and certainty for fees can be tricky.

Creating a crypto exchange account every time you sign up to place an order every time you want to switch cryptos is complex. It’s not a secure alternative to jump from platform to platform to exchange all your coins. It is a tiresome process to create multiple accounts, verify user identification, and share bank credentials.

MEHH Crypto Payment Solution

By recognizing the demand for a platform for users with the capabilities of a single sign-up to pay or convert using any crypto, MEHH is now launching a new revolutionary digital payment solution.

Let’s say you buy Bitcoin, but you need to pay a merchant who only accepts Ethereum payments. Without the need of swapping service providers, you can use Mehh coin which would be automatically converted to Ethereum and payment would be sent instantly. A single platform to pay in any cryptocurrency with swapping with no extra fees.

Advantage of Mehh Digital Payment Solution

Allows you to easily exchange one crypto asset for another, either in full or small amounts. With no fiat currencies involved.
Make faster payments anywhere in the world
Convenient and secure platform for users who want to make payments
For investors, it will benefit them to make profits or diversify a portfolio
Take full control of your crypto
Swap to pay crypto while retaining total ownership

Unlike a traditional crypto exchange, Mehh allows you to take full control of the crypto you swap. The crypto you swap for payment will be directly sent to the merchant account. With the launch of the payment solution, MEHH has streamlined the use of cryptocurrency as a more common payment method.

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